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Letter to The Ocean Park Corporation - Suggestion from Breastfeeding Mothers

By admin - Posted on 01 三月 2011



2 月22 日,本會就海洋公園育嬰室設施不周全一事,去信海洋公園主席盛智文先生,建議改善育嬰室設施。2 月23 日本會收到海洋公園回應,園方邀請本會前往公園實地商討,歡迎各界人士前往討論區或留言本文發表改善育嬰室之意見。


Dr. Allan ZEMAN, GBS, JP
The Ocean Park Corporation

Dear Dr. Zeman,

As the Hong Kong People’s theme park, Ocean Park has its corporate responsibility towards both the environment and the community. We, as part of Hong Kong, would like to raise your attention to the following areas:

Lack of Breastfeeding Facilities
Often (Frequently) , we receive complaints from breastfeeding families the difficulties to finding a place to breastfeed their babies inside Ocean Park; not only the limitation of nursery rooms service the vast area covered by the Park, but the unclear signage directing visitors to these facilities is poor .

Nursery Rooms Facilities Lagging Behind Standard
Though the improved number of nursery rooms in Aqua City are praised, where rooms are spacious, well equipped with baby changers, efficient hand cleaning and drying facilities as well as bottle warmers. However, there is one very crucial item missing, of which is highly importantly for user – Chairs and Benches ! Can you imagine a Mum with handful (baby and the hand carry), having to breastfeed her baby for 20-30 minutes by STANDING ! If I may suggest, that an input of comfortable sitting to provide all Mum to breastfeed their baby in these nursery rooms will highly appreciated.

Inappropriate Signage for Nursery Rooms
It is rather misleading by current signage that the nursing rooms are for nappy changing only (a picture is attached at the end of this letter). Otherwise, it would be helpful to see modified signage in the Park, reflecting full functions to these nursery rooms - including breastfeeding.

Please kindly refer to attached Practice Note from Building Departments on Provision of Babycare Rooms, a signage suggestion is provided in Appendix A.

Ocean Park earned its name and credit from years of contribution in public service; Mr. Zeman is known by general public a dynamic business man, a creator with open mind and willingness to listen, and this is why I am writing this letter of suggestion to you with confidence.

The removed of formula milk from shelves earlier on this year display clearly the concern and caring you have put into account - which raised respect from majority of families locally and from overseas.

I am certain that, with further efforts to improve above said aspect, Ocean Park will claim only more international applause, probably a title of pioneer to create a baby-friendly image to worldwide.

Should you be interested more information about the needs of breastfeeding families, please kindly visit our website ( or contact us via email.

Yours faithfully,
Millie Wong
Hong Kong Breastfeeding Mothers’ Association

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謝謝你們積極的工作. 除了海洋公園, 有些大型公共場所都沒有基本給母親照顧嬰兒的設施. 例如灣仔會展. 不知此地現時情況何有改善.
我大約2年前曾帶兒子到會展看一展覽, 讓展覽位處會展的高層展區, 可是育嬰室卻遍尋不獲. 就連換尿片的板也沒有. 我記得當時唯有離開該展區, 走到一偏僻暗角餵哺, 十分狼狽和不快. 我曾因此去電郵給會展, 卻得不到任何回應. 這叫人十分失望.
我不知現時會展可有改善這方面的設置, 畢竟此處常辦大型, 以家庭為目標的展覽, 如欠育嬰設置實在不妥. 希望貴會能跟這些大型場地反映一下媽媽的意見. 謝謝.

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