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Macau: Local moms share experiences on breastfeeding

By admin - Posted on 26 十一月 2013



Via Macau Daily Times

The Macau Breastfeeding Association hosted an information exchange session yesterday where local mothers gathered together to exchange their concerns and experiences with breastfeeding.

Joined by the chairlady of the Hong Kong Breastfeeding Mothers’ Association, twelve local moms, including some expectant ones, talked for three hours in a relaxed atmosphere at the Taipa Education Activity Centre.

“This is the very first time we’ve invited the chairlady of the peer association in Hong Kong. They have a 17-year history. With the expert joining us today, we feel really reassured. It’s great encouragement to us,” stated Virginia Tam, vice-chairlady of Macau’s breastfeeding support group.

Millie Wong, the chairlady from Hong Kong, explained to the Times that mothers at the session were mainly concerned about expressing breast milk during working hours, insufficient support from family members, as well as mistaken beliefs about fomula milk. “The culture of fomula milk is deep-rooted due to the powerful commercials. Even mothers of this generation were raised on fomula milk. So they posed many questions about how to raise infants by breastfeeding.”

“Mothers here are fortunate to have this interactive group. If more expectant mothers can learn from experienced ones, I believe the rate of breastfeeding in Macau will rise,” Ms Wong commented. She explained that the peer association in Hong Kong runs lectures and hotlines, as well as fighting for better breastfeeding conditions via legislation. “We hope breastfeeding in public places can be protected under the law,” stated the chairlady.

The Macau Breastfeeding Association was formerly a Facebook group aimed at providing peer support among breastfeeding mothers and promoting the benefits of breastfeeding. Ms Tam acknowledged that organizing activities has become much easier for the group since it became an officially registered association in early June, and the number of its registered members has tripled to about fifty.

“We have a very long way to go. But our priority is still to raise the awareness of breastfeeding within society, especially at workplaces. For example, we hope that more companies will set up a mothers’ rooms next to their office,” she stressed. “Facebook is still the main platform for our promotion, and now we’ve got nearly a thousand group members. As a next step we’ll discuss the matter with some leading traditional associations, such as the Women’s General Association and the Federation of Trade Unions.” Staff reporter

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