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By admin - Posted on 24 三月 2011



本會接獲有線電視「健康生活」頻道(普通話廣播) 邀請擔任節目嘉賓講解母乳餵哺,詳情如下:




;> It seems there should be a place to post, but cannot find it now, nonetheless, wish I can work up with this ...
As I always mentioned I fed my 2 kids.
I had emergency LCCS in QEH when I born my girl coz of PET. And becoz of this, my girl was fed by the nursery for her 1st24 hours. And I prepared she won't want me. But, thanks God, she was sucking lik mad ... and I am sure I can do it!
I was blessed with a postnatal of 8 weeks. And we travelled to BKK to met my husband. I just fed her anywhere, most of the time no cover as she did not lik it. And tell u what, is it abnormal ppl just notice a lady's chest instead of other things? Most of the time I hav to take sometime b4 I notise other moms r breast feeding - if one wants to!
I had been impolitely told I was not welcomed to breast feed my girl when I met certain HK ladies in BKK, but still more r supportive and even made more friends!
I had pumped my milk for my girl while I was still working as a govn't clinic nurse which also required evening shift then (now all r under HA). I only pumped my milk during tea time, meal time and off-duty, so never need to make any special arrangements. I did it in the changing room (so happen we got a resting area too). And that was the SARS period! Of coz, lik most breast feeding moms, I cannot avoid having blockage and pain - despite I am very ready and knowledgeble as a midwife.
During this period, no one dare to comment a word in front of me as I am too experienced as a midwife ; I delivered 50+ babes and handled > 10 moms who got postnatal blues; and fella medical personel just understood we can do well with ourselves.
And, thanks God again, I did.
I retired in July and moved to BKK then, I of coz keep on wif my breast feed together with weaning off. I had been urged by my MIL, friends, even my own mom to stop as my girl is growing up ... I had been puzzled a short period too. But not very soon I stood up again - mainly also got a great support from the US web : So I just let my girl goes the way she wants as just evening feed most of the time. Eventually I got my boy when she was 4 and it really hurt when she sucks, so I talked to her in a soft + firm way that she had to stop, at least for sometime. When my boy born, I had to pump right away as I got too much milk, and I let her tried from a glass, and she said it was yak ... hahaha. Then she weaned off lar.
My boy more easy, he just suddenly feel it taste bad and just turned away and told us all he is a boy now, not a baby and need not breast feeding ... hahaha ..
So let me know if anything need to clarify. I wanted so much to let ppl know it is so good + easy to feed our own precious with our very own means! No excuses, animals can why we as their manager cannot?!

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